Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidations is a high demand request for assistance in today’s society and economy as times have changed, making things that were effortless 40 years ago more difficult. And still, unfortunately, regardless of the fact that many clients do have a lot of equity because their home price has risen; big banks still decline a large amount of applications due to strict guidelines put in place by all levels. This is due to all big banks do not care about equity as they do credit, proof of income and your job security.

If you have been turned down by a big bank or other lender for a secured debt consolidation, you probably have poor credit or have issues with your proof of income. With that said, many lenders do exist that will be more than happy to assist their clients consolidate their high interest debt and we can help. We do not put much emphasis on credit but we do focus more on secured metrics like equity, something we feel is common sense. And if the application makes sense to us, we will process and get you the funds you need ASAP.